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Wealthy people cultivate mastermind groups of top professionals around them. They understand the value of having the best minds advising them on how to manage their assets.

At Mortgage Free Australia, we recognise the “mastermind” principle as a key wealth-building tool. That's why we have created this free membership site, and filled it with quality FREE information to help you own your home years sooner.

2 Simple Ways to Get Quality Coaching

Firstly, if you are committed to the Do-It-Yourself philosophy of becoming Mortgage Free, you might consider a financial advisor or your accountant to help you keep on-track, financially. They are competent professionals qualified to guide you in your quest for Mortgage Freedom. But you MUST make sure they have real-world expertise in mortgage reduction. The easiest way to do this is by accessing our free Mortgage Crunch Kit (which is available to all members of Mortgage Free Australia) and making sure they know the core principles of the Mortgage Free Australia method of mortgage elimination.

But There Is Another Way…

...Your Own Exclusive Mortgage Coach for Free!

We’ve created a NO-COST way for you to access the power of the best minds - and advice - in mortgage education and management.

Our Australia-wide network of trained and approved Mortgage Coaches are the hand-picked team we've assembled to help you take full ownership of your most valuable and important asset… your home… as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Our Mortgage Coaches are also members of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), the largest and most prestigious professional body of mortgage industry professionals in Australia.

Mortgage Coaches Are Now
Available All Over Australia!

Here's how the Mortgage Coach system works: once you've filled in the online form, one of your local Mortgage Coaches will contact you as soon as possible and arrange to visit you at home (or meet you over a quiet coffee) on your timetable. Then, they will informally review your current situation.

If they can see a way to apply Mortgage Free Australia's techniques for accelerated mortgage reduction to your current situation, they will show you how it can be done, with no obligation.

The Mortgage Coach Service is available right now, and you don't even need to be a member of Mortgage Free Australia to take advantage of it.

However, joining Mortgage Free Australia is FREE and only takes a few seconds. And it's a great way to stay motivated and supported on your journey towards owning your home years sooner.

»Click Here to arrange to talk to a Mortgage Coach Today


Mortgage Reduction Plan software: your new secret weapon

Mortgage Reduction Plan Software can help you pay off your mortgage years sooner

Mortgage Free Australia has fantastic support for the Mortgage Reduction Plan software, too. Sometimes I’ve put the in figures a bit wrong and I’ve had to ring up to get some help. The guys at Mortgage Free Australia have been really, really helpful. I can thoroughly recommend the online Mortgage Reduction Plan software. I’ve been using it now for over 3 years." - MC Albany WA

get the right loan with a free mortgage coach connecting you to the money you need
Request a FREE Mortgage Coach NOW and we’ll help you to Pay Your Home Loan Off Years Sooner. Our FREE Mortgage Coach National Network now services ALL cities and towns in Australia!

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