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Mortgage Free Australia is dedicated to teaching you how to own your home years sooner, by using the bank’s money (and tricks) to your advantage!

The success of Mortgage Free Australia’s approach is that we empower our members with the practical knowledge and tools to help them take charge of their home loans. No longer does owning your home have to be a 30 year nightmare; it can happen in half the time (or even less). And you don't have to scrimp and save!

About Australia's #1 Mortgage Educator - Harry Bozin

Harry Bozin is the Managing Director of Mortgage Free Australia.

Harry started out as a ‘wet-behind–the-ears’ 19 year old with a small trucking business (one truck!). He has since owned several businesses, including supermarkets. He has also been involved in business broking.

However, after business-building, Harry’s next major ‘true love’ is public speaking! He is an "in-demand" presenter, even being invited to share the platform with Robert Kiyosaki (who authored the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of products). Harry also facilitates workshops for the Western Australian Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), and other major business associations.

Harry has now presented to more than 15,000 people throughout Australia on such subjects as Starting Businesses, How to Buy a Business and Financial Literacy.

Harry’s credentials as a teacher and motivator are well established. Over the years, he has consulted to a wide range of businesses and community groups delivering a range of strategic and coaching solutions to help them achieve their goals. His clients have been as diverse as unemployed youths, non-profit organizations, business people, company teams, as well as Managing Directors of international public companies.

After writing his 20,000 copy best-selling book “How to Be Mortgage Free in Four Easy Steps” he realised that there was a huge demand for quality, unbiased information about how to beat the banks at their own game. As a result, he founded and operates Mortgage Free Australia. MFA is dedicated to educating Australians about the fastest and most effective ways to become Mortgage Free, through the FREE membership site at mortgagefreeaustralia.com and created the realtionship with hand picked Mortgage Brokers accross Australia.

Harry says: "I've owned many businesses. But Mortgage Free Australia is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I get to help people achieve something really great in their lives... I get to help them get out from under a lifetime of painful debt and own their home years sooner. I treasure the success stories people tell us. They make the massive amount of time, effort and money I've committed into Mortgage Free Australia really worthwhile for me."

Working closely with MFA's online members, Harry developed the innovative 4-Step process to help members understand the Flow of Money and how they could use the right product to pay off their mortgages years sooner. One members comments "Using MFA's Online Mortgage Reduction Plan Software has been amazing" Ken Hamilton VIC

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