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» Why should I use a Mortgage Coach versus using a mortgage broker?
» Why did Mortgage Free Australia set up the National Mortgage Coach System?
» What makes Mortgage Free Australia so special?
» What’s the difference between a Mortgage Coach and a mortgage broker?
» If the National Mortgage Coach System is FREE for me, how does Mortgage Free Australia get paid?
» Why shouldn’t I just stay with my current bank?
» Can I get a Mortgage Coach without submitting my details over the internet?
» Do you guarantee the National Mortgage Coach System?

Why should I use a Mortgage Coach versus using a mortgage broker?

Firstly, you have nothing to lose by test-driving our Mortgage Coach System. In fact, one quick 5-minute phone call is all it takes for you to know if your Mortgage Coach has the experience, knowledge and ability to help you.

And, as a result of your 5-minute chat with your Mortgage Coach, only two things will happen:

  1. You’ll understand that you don’t need to change your current situation, or
  2. Your Mortgage Coach will request a closer look at your situation, because they will spot several possibilities you are possibly missing out on.

Either way, you maintain complete control over the process, because it’s you who decides what happens next. Mortgage Coaches are not high-pressure salespeople... they are professionals who can simply show you how you might be able to do better.

But the main reason you should use a Mortgage Coach is this: Mortgage Free Australia is in your corner protecting you interests. Period.

A great example of how Mortgage Free Australia works for you comes from one of our members, Shane, in Western Australia...

Listen: We are fanatical about protecting the integrity of the National Mortgage Coach System. It’s in our interest to make sure what we’ve created is protected. We’ve worked too hard (and invested too much) in making sure our systems and information are top quality to let someone else come along and mess it all up!

And to make sure your interests (and our reputation) are protected, we mercilessly scrutinise all of our Mortgage Coaches. (They may be independent, but when they agreed to become Mortgage Coaches, they knew they were being held to a higher standard than every other mortgage professional in the industry. They also agreed to be monitored relentlessly for customer service levels, product knowledge levels and professional development upkeep).

It’s our mission is to make sure you have the finest information possible to make your journey towards financial freedom quicker and easier.

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Why did Mortgage Free Australia set up the National Mortgage Coach System?
There are two major reasons why we saw the need for a National Mortgage Coach System:
  1. To make a contribution to "cleaning up" the industry: Too many people are being given bad advice about how to manage their finances, especially when it comes to their mortgages. And this bad advice is coming from...

    • The Banks: They are simply out to increase their shareholders returns by increasing their massive profits - which explains why they’ll introduce dangerous products like "honeymoon rate" loans (which have the most onerous set of conditions for getting out of them you can imagine - including massive fines for paying them off early!)

    • Mortgage Professionals: Most mortgage professionals are honest people, but there are still a number of "bad apples" in the industry only interested in one thing - selling you the products that give them the biggest commissions! Mortgage Free Australia gets around this by continually inspecting the types of loans being shown to clients by Mortgage Coaches, and by ensuring that the variations in commission between products is no more than $100.

    • Mortgage Reduction Services: These are the slick salespeople who charge $4,000.00, $6,000.00 (we’ve even heard $8000.00!!) every year to help you manage your mortgage... using information our members can access for FREE! It is in their interest to keep their clients ignorant and helpless, where Mortgage Free Australia seeks to inform and empower you to achieve financial freedom.

  2. To help our time-strapped members get on the financial freedom fast-track: In our time-poor, hurry-hurry world, we discovered that too many of our members just don’t have the time to sort out their home loan situation on their own, despite the best of intentions.

    So we asked ourselves: how could we help? That’s when the National Mortgage Coach System was born. The National Mortgage Coach System is our network of free-agent mortgage brokers, voluntarily working within our system.

    And because our Mortgage Coaches value their association with us, Mortgage Free Australia can effectively monitor that they are abiding by our iron-clad rules of conduct and customer service.

    You see, our view is simple: we’re here for YOU.

    ...not the banking system.

    ...not the coaches.


    And we’d like to illustrate the sort of ethical service we’re talking about by sharing Malcolm’s story of using a Mortgage Coach...

    Our job is simply to connect you and your Mortgage Coach... but make no mistake; we’re here to support YOU. Especially if you have any questions or concerns about your Mortgage Coach or the way your loan is progressing.

    (By the way, Mortgage Free Australia has been operating since July 1, 2001. In that time, just under 20,000 people have read Harry Bozin’s best-selling book "How to Be Mortgage Free in 4 Easy Steps" ...and made a positive start on fulfilling their financial destinies! We believe it is time to ramp-up our efforts by using the National Mortgage Coach System to get our message out to as many people as possible - as quickly as possible - before they become life-long slaves of the banks).

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What makes Mortgage Free Australia so special?

Mortgage Free Australia is NOT a finance company.

We have taken on the role of being a "go between" for our members and the banks and other lenders.

You see, when we asked our members what they wanted from us, they told us that they were looking for 2 things in particular:

  1. Access to professional mortgage advice independent of any particular bank,
  2. Professional mortgage advice that fully understood the Mortgage Free Australia ethos as we teach it - in other words, mortgage professionals who understand our particular methods and technologies for getting rid of your mortgage years sooner.

But we wanted to be able to provide this service without compromising our integrity.

That’s when our National Mortgage Coach System was born... after 18 months of flying around the country, finding the best-of-the-best mortgage professionals and teaching them our rapid mortgage elimination methods, we finally settled on a fantastic team of professionals.

And we constantly monitor their performance on a daily basis... to make sure they are giving our members exactly what they asked for.

If we were just another finance company, we would become a part of the same banking system problem that is crushing the financial freedom aspirations of so many ordinary Australians - a debt-level so suffocating that 44% of all home loan borrowers now expect to still be paying off their loans... in retirement! (Info courtesy of a recent CitiBank lifestyle survey, as reported in the April 8th 2006 Saturday edition of The West Australian newspaper).

As you can see from Alan’s experience, below, using your Mortgage Coach’s knowledge and experience to escape the debt-trap is a far more pleasant experience than trying to figure out how to do it on your own. That’s because your Mortgage Coach has a far better idea of what’s available in the marketplace than you do because they are in the middle of it all the time...

Our role is independent education; our goal is to empower people to escape from the mortgage trap and become financially free years sooner.

And we do this only by providing top notch, up-to-the-minute free knowledge, powerful information and cutting-edge tools to our members.

Please note: we do not offer financial advice - that would be illegal, as only suitably qualified professionals are allowed to offer financial advice under Australia law. That’s why we created our National Mortgage Coach System. As mortgage professionals, Mortgage Coaches are fully qualified to offer advice about mortgages - which is why we offer our assistance to you through the National Mortgage Coach System.

At the end of the day, we are a simply a club of ordinary, like-minded citizens who all want the same thing: peace of mind that our home loans won’t haunt us till the day we die!

IMPORTANT - FOR YOUR ADDED PROTECTION: Mortgage Free Australia holds membership of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited - (COSL). This means we have VOLUNTARILY taken on the extra obligation of having a powerful, independent body put us under the microscope if you make a complaint about our standards of service. COSL’s Internal Dispute Resolution service is all about resolving any disputes you might have with us, giving you a FREE way of holding us to account if we don’t perform for you.

If you have a complaint about Mortgage Free Australia, please contact Harry Bozin, our COSL-designated Complaints Contact Person directly on (08) 9328 8852. If, after you’ve given Harry Bozin a chance to remedy your complaint, you still feel you haven’t received a satisfactory resolution within 45 days, you may contact COSL directly and they will look into the matter further. All of our Mortgage Coaches are also members of COSL, so you can be assured they are as motivated as we are to make sure we do the right thing by you.

WARNING: If you are thinking of dealing with another company about your mortgage, please make sure they indicate they are members of COSL on their website so you will be fully protected by this important body. It is a requirement of their membership that they tell you they are members. You may have to look very hard, though. That’s because some members of COSL hide the fact that they are members. Probably because they are not 100% confident of their ability to perform for you. Mortgage Free Australia will not only perform... we’ll loudly and proudly yell out our membership of COSL!

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What’s the difference between a Mortgage Coach and a mortgage broker?

A Mortgage Coach has only one obligation... and that’s to YOU.

That’s exactly how and why we’ve designed the National Mortgage Coach System this way.

You see, we can closely monitor and evaluate our Mortgage Coaches for exceptional levels of customer service and integrity when dealing with clients. Which leads to results like these for Shane...

And to make sure we are only using mortgage professionals of the highest calibre, we will only allow people into the program who pass the following NINE criteria with flying colours...

  1. Mortgage Coaches are accredited mortgage professionals registered with the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia (the MIAA is the premier Mortgage Association in Australia. They heavily regulate the people they accept for membership which means you’ll be getting the cream of the crop, not someone who started in the business last week!)

  2. Mortgage Coaches are authorised specialists who have instant access to at least 300 loan products through at least 30 different lenders (Our research has shown that 300 loan products are more than enough for serious comparison to get you the best deal!)

  3. Mortgage Coaches have worked for at least 3 years in the banking or mortgage broking industry (so they truly know the ins-and-outs of getting around the ‘system’!)

  4. Mortgage Coaches are resourceful, and are prepared to "go the extra mile" to source the right loan for just about anyone (including "credit-impaired" self-employed clients!)

  5. Mortgage Coaches are industry insiders with intimate knowledge of the lending secrets of the banking industry (to use all their tricks for getting you the best deal possible - including the specialist loan products the public are never told about!)

  6. Mortgage Coaches are able to access the specialist mortgage brokers’ networks at all the major banks (this "inside track" access is not available to the general public, which means you’ll get your loan settled faster than someone else applying directly to the bank!)

  7. Mortgage Coaches are committed to their own professional development and they keep up-to-date by regularly attending training in the latest technology (to make sure they are giving you the fastest, cutting-edge advice!)

  8. Mortgage Coaches know ALL our specialist techniques for eliminating mortgages as quickly as possible (so they can communicate with you properly about your needs!)

  9. Mortgage Coaches have proven excellence in client service and follow up (we strive to offer a service based on excellence, not one that’s just "good enough"!)

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If the National Mortgage Coach System is FREE, how does Mortgage Free Australia get paid?

We are up front about this.

We make a small commission from each and every approved mortgage that is created by one of our Mortgage Coaches. And we make a tiny profit on every book we sell from our bookshop. And we make a slightly bigger profit from subscriptions to our online Mortgage Reduction Plan software.

These all pay for the upkeep of our systems and administration, and ensure you continue to get the very best service, because we can afford to pay our way. It also means we don’t have to rely on any sort of Government subsidy to keep our doors open.

And the Mortgage Coaches are happy that we get a small cut of their commission, because it means they are licensed to use our trademarked systems with their own clients. And they get to piggy-back on the integrity Mortgage Free Australia has in the community through their association. But their place with Mortgage Free Australia is well earned, because we won’t allow them to even see you if they aren’t the best and brightest mortgage professionals around (as discussed here).

And because we’re paid by the banks, not by the Mortgage Coaches, it means we have NO HESITATION in disciplining the Mortgage Coaches (or even cutting them loose) if they don’t meet our high and exacting standards of service to you.

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Why shouldn’t I just stay with my current bank?

In the end, that’s your decision.

And it may very well be that your bank will offer you the kind of loan that a Mortgage Coach will recommend (even if it isn’t exactly the best deal around). If you decide to take what you learn and apply it with your own bank, that is absolutely fine.

However, you may want to ask yourself this simple question: "What has my bank actually done over the last several years to earn my loyalty."

Our bet is that you won’t be able to answer that question satisfactorily... because loyalty is a problem for all the banks since they started slashing jobs and services mercilessly in the 1990’s.

Look: Banking has changed so radically over the last few years due to intense competition, there’s a good chance your current loan is actually hurting your chances of paying it off!

Especially when compared to the sorts of products now available in the marketplace.

You also have to remember, it’s not in your banks best interest to show you these newer products... after all, maybe they were probably able to lock you in to a more profitable contract before these newer, more superior products became available.

(By the way, we’re not suggesting that you jump from product to product every few months, because you’ll simply end up erasing the savings you’d make in application and valuation fees. No, what we’re really talking about here is finding the RIGHT loan for your very specific situation. A loan that has the sort of flexibility you need, combined with the best features for helping you pay it off more quickly. And that’s why an experienced Mortgage Coach is so valuable. They’ve all dealt with so many different situations in their careers).

The other thing to watch out for is complacency. We have often heard members say "I’m happy with my current bank". In our experience, what they are really saying is "I’m too time-strapped to explore other options" or "I just want to stick my head in the sand and ignore my mortgage altogether hoping the problem will just disappear."

Merrill, one of our members from Queensland had some concerns about moving away from her bank. But now she’s a convert to the National Mortgage Coach System...

Simply ask yourself: "Is it possible that a superior product has been introduced to the marketplace? A product capable of actually helping me pay off my mortgage years sooner?"

If you at least think it’s possible, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to see what you could do for yourself, right now?

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Can I get a Mortgage Coach without submitting my details over the internet?


We want you to be comfortable with the process of getting a Mortgage Coach. So if you are worried about submitting your personal details over the internet, you can ring us on 1300 559 229 for the price of a local call.

You will need to ring during Western Australian business hours (9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri). If you miss us, please leave a message on our voicemail with your name, and best contact number and we will ring you back the very next working day.

Alternatively, you can send a quick email to coach@mortgagefreeaustralia.com with your best contact phone number for us to ring you back.

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Do you guarantee the National Mortgage Coach System?

Yes. Just like during footy season, we guarantee to "Sack the Coach" if they don’t perform to your full expectations!

All kidding aside, we take our Mortgage Coaches commitment to customer service very, VERY seriously! So if you’re not completely satisfied with your Mortgage Coach, for any reason whatsoever, please tell us and we will reprimand your Coach.

If it's a serious enough violation of our exacting standards, we will BAN them from the program! (We have ZERO tolerance for violators of our strict code of practice).

Again, we’ve spent too much time, money and energy setting up this system - which we believe to be unique in Australia - to have a few "bad apples" foul it up.

And, to thank you for helping us keep the system running at top efficiency, we will make a donation of $25.00 (in your name) to the charity of your choice, and send you the receipt so you can claim the tax deduction! That’s how serious we are about making sure the National Mortgage Coach System is the most efficient, friendly and service oriented mortgage system in the country!

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