1. Overview

 2. Getting Started

 3. Using the Software

 4. Get Started Today

Logging In
If you already have access to the online Mortgage Reduction Plan software, here’s how you can log in and use the program...

Go to the homepage:
www.mortgagefreeaustralia.com ... and type your username and password in the spaces provided.

Next, click on the "Login" button, which is immediately below the space where you typed your password.

If you have lost or forgotten your login details, click on the link which says "Forgotten your password?" and follow the instructions to have your login details emailed to you.

Purchasing a New Subscription

If you would like to use the software and haven't yet purchased a subscription, simply go to the Buy Online section of the site where you can pay by credit card, or call us on 1300 559 229.

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